John Waite - No Brakes

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Barcode: 0600753710456
Udgivelsesdato: 2018-07-27
Antal: 1
Artist John Waite

Yderligere oplysninger

“No Brakes” is the second solo album and follow-up to “Ignition” for the former The Babys front
man. In retrospect, it might sound a little bit too much like 1984, thanks to the big drums and
clean production, but that’s exactly its charm: a prime example of fine mainstream rock circa the
mid-’80s. Cleverly, the record not only had an explicit commercial pop bent, featuring mid-tempo
pop tunes and ballads, but it also rocked like a bastard, particularly on the opening cut, ’Saturday
Night.’ Most importantly, it had a hit single in the song ’Missing You.’ It deservedly became not
just a number one hit, but one of those records that everybody knows.

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